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About Us

The VIAGlobal Group provides comprehensive protection structures to its customers. This made possible by the cooperation of four different groups: VIAGlobal Group, ATLAS Group International, ATLAS Network, GLOBSERVER Stratégia és Védelemkutatás Fejlesztő Kft.

The Company's corporate governance system is provided by the VIAGlobal Group and the ATLAS Network (Anti Terrorism Liaison Aid Solution) Alliance for Counter-Terrorism and Collaboration Solutions.

The Company

Our staff served various fields of expertise at domestic and international military and law enforcement units. With their practical experience, in addition to the development and implementation of optimal action programs, they also assist the group's work with teaching activities. Our recognition was achieved through the implementation of innovative projects, military protection developments and incubator programs. For our employees, it is important to support the fight against international terrorism, to create the security of the corporate and civil sectors. In the design of the human structure, it was an important circumstance that the composition of the management should represent the defense sectors: military, law enforcement and national security. Our training programs are specific, innovative and flexibly follow the evolving international security situations, thus our specialists participating at our trainings can afterwards contribute with their acquired knowledge in maintaining a safe and relaxed life.

A wide spectrum of the scope of our activities combines the design of defense concepts and their optimal practical implementation. Our company and its colleagues regard this goal as their main task.

What We Know

External and Internal Trade of Military Equipment

We carry out this activity by possessing the highest level of foreign and domestic licenses and by increased control. We meet the diverse security policy challenges. Our weapons and other equipment appear in different crises and crisis zones, with a strong emphasis on combating terrorism and countering terrorism. To this end, we develop equipment falling under the military technology classification in our research and development laboratory and produce prototype products.

In our incubator programs, we also carry out the development and modernization of handguns, sniper rifles and machine guns, as well as the conversion of movie and theatrical weapons in accordance with the law. During our activity, we have provided weapon supplies for several international movie productions. In the framework of our research and development activity, we also contribute to the development of tactical and defense-enhancing equipment.


non-lethal guns

Development and production of non-fatal firearms for civil purposes (Home Defense Equipment)

These devices are designed so that the homes of the civilian population can be protected. We put great emphasis on the development and production of well-known and accepted traumatic weapons among the civilian population, which can protect our loved ones, our relatives and our homes without the loss of human life. Our rubber-stamped weapons have the best ergonomic and traumatic values according to professional reviews.


Security services

Manpower safeguard of national and international objects of priority, installation of reconnaissance and countermeasure equipment, protection of highly protected persons, detection of and defend against drones (uav). Security personnel always acts by taking into consideration the features of the objects to be protected, the client's expectations, the criminal and public security situation of the environment as well as the applicable laws and regulations.

Defense against Bacterial and Viral Agents

Current security challenges and migration-related problems raise tasks not only regarding counter-terrorism, but we must also provide solutions to tackling health emergencies. The threat of global virological and bacteriological infections caused by the fight against terrorism and migration is increasing nowadays. High-level disinfection and defense health technology should be used to address the crisis. We offer the option of solving these health safety challenges by using Ozone Technology. This patent-protected innovative system neutralizes and ensures the microbiological purity of air, water, various interior spaces and rooms, with great rapidity and efficiency. By the neutralization of various organic elements, such as mites, bacteria, molds and viruses. By increasing the protection capability, such emergency, local and crisis-related health disinfection solutions have come to the fore. In addition to military and law enforcement units, this technology is also used to protect civilians and civil society structures. It neutralizes dangerous organisms with 99% efficiency. Our company carries out the disinfection of designated devices and facilities in the case of medical emergencies involving the relevant vehicles and personnel.


Our Educational Programs

In addition to the above-mentioned health emergency solutions, our Tactical Medical Training and Emergency Crisis Management training has been designed. The emergence of these niche courses has been triggered by the significant changes in the security environment; recent events, terrorist attacks and environmental catastrophes have changed the image of security. However, the staff of military and law enforcement agencies are, due to their task respectively their training system, continuously prepared for emergencies. In contrast, the civilian population and economic actors were not prepared or are not prepared at all for how to survive a catastrophe or a terrorist attack and how to cooperate with the authorities and help them and their victims after it has occurred. The main purpose of our course is to prepare the civilian population for emergency action and for the way of treating injuries in such cases.

Our partner in education is Lahner Academy

Tactical Medical training, on the other hand, provides further training for professionals in high stress situations. Simulation training primarily focuses on the acquisition and practice of solutions to situations that require particularly rapid decisions. It is a proven fact that in many cases inadequate organization, poor communication, incomplete teamwork and inadequate crisis resource management ultimately caused malfunctions, inadequate patient care and fatal errors during the deployment.


Our Partners

Our group is the exclusive Hungarian representative of the products distributed by the German Bonowi GmbH in Germany, the Slovakian VEP s.r.o and W.A.R. s.r.o in Slovakia, the Italian TAT3D di Adriano Peccini (also Central European), Explorer Cases by GT Line srl, the Greek Pentagon S.A.

Our company is the Hungarian representative of Beretta and Beretta Defense Technologies' (Beretta, Benelli, Sako, Steiner) law enforcement gears. We also provide the exclusive representation in Hungary for Schmeisser GmbH and our other listed partners.

Our Philosophy

"Helping our partners achieve their success by providing quality service, ensuring peace and the sensation of security."

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